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Okay first of all I apologise for any and all incorrect spellings in the following post, and since it's about our good friends the Homunculi I delair a spoiler warning and place this under an LJ cut.

Do you rekon that it would be possible to make a homunculi without actually loosing any body parts. I mean if you think about it it's not exactly HUMAN transmutation and since they don't have a soul you wouldn't have to try and trade anything to get one. I was just wondering, because I mean, Dante/Hoenheim have at least 7 of them, and even though [at least in the anime] we know not all of them were made by the pair I can't see someone trying to perform human transmutation more than once just to get a few homunculi on their side. Then again they could just switch to new bodies... What do you guys/girls think?

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