UrpleSquirrel (urplesquirrel) wrote in fma_discussion,

A theory...

So, you know how Ling gets turned into the new Greed? As soon as the philosopher stone was put into him, he was talking with Greed's -- spirit, I guess, since homunculi don't really have souls. Ling just gave up. To me, that seems so out of character for him that I have to think he knew something, or at least suspected, that we don't.

And then I thought... wait, from what we heard of the Fuhrer, he fought when he was turned into Wrath. And now he's unable to remember much of anything about being human, or if he had a previous life as a homunculus.

So... by giving up, does that mean that Ling somehow saved himself? Is the real Ling still in there?

Do you think my theory has any merit whatsoever, or am I just on drugs?
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