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Two Discussions! Oh Joy!

Well, I've recently been obsessive over the song Last Meetings from the anime .. and well .. did anyone besides me notice that Al seems to lead them all? I mean, he sings the line before Ed and Win sing together, then Roy and Hughes, kind of like leading them. It got me thinking to what part of the storyline Alphonse plays.

People mainly think of Edward as the central character of the story. But I think Alphonse is the central character. I have a reasoning behind this. If Edward is the supposed central character of the story, and everything in the story revolves around him in some sort of way .. and most everything that Edward does is centered around his little brother, and his quest to get Al's body back .. then wouldn't that make Alphonse somewhat more important in the storyline?

I think that Alphonse has the potential to be an even bigger part of the story than he is right now. This might be because Alphonse is my favorite character .. but I even thought of Edward as the central character until I thought about what Ed's world centers around.

If this is confusing in any way, please tell me and I will try to explain it better. ^^;


Does anyone remember Chapter 48 of the manga? While Winry was waiting for Edward and Alphonse to return, she was in a room talking with the Fuhrer, who most of us know is a homunculus. When Ed and Al entered the room, the Fuhrer (Wrath) stood and said to Edward ..

"Protect her, she is a special girl."

... Or something along those lines. In any case, that might put people at ease as to Winry's life, and some people would think that Winry's life isn't in any danger at all.

Or is it?

Just the fact that Winry was in the same room as Bradley annoys me to no end, but at the same time, it sends tons of questions through me ..

If and When Roy gets out of his current encounter with Bradley, he's more than likely going to tell Edward about what Bradley said .. and when Edward gets out of Father's lair, which I am pretty sure he is going to do, he's going to immediately want to find Lan Fan to tell her of what happened to Ling, and also, to try and get Winry and Ran Fan to a safer area.

In my opinion, Bradley already has Winry on a hostage list. He knows of Edward's relationship with Winry, and possibly his attraction to her (I'm pretty sure he has one .. but then again, i'm an EdxWin fan. XD). In any case, Edward's going to have to fight Bradley/Wrath at one time or another .. and when that happens, do you think he will use Winry as a way to win the battle with Edward?

I think it's a major possibility. What do you think?

That's all for today, folks. :3
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