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Since Japanese has so many ways of saying "I" depending on your personality and to some degree your gender, I'm curious to know how various characters refer to themselves, both in the anime and in the manga, but particularly in the manga, since I can't verify that stuff for myself, being completely illiterate where kanji/kana/hirogana are concerned.

I know that Edward refers to himself by the assertive "ore" and that Alphonse uses "boku"
I'm pretty sure I heard Winry use the feminine "atashi" and I heard Mustang say "ore"

I can only assume that Envy uses the gender-neutral "watashi" if he's supposed to be as ambiguous as he is, but I haven't paid too close of attention to his speech patterns, partly because he changes so much. Greed, I'm pretty sure, uses "ore."

What about the others? How do the various characters refer to themselves? Do most use the generic "watashi" or do a lot of the guys use "ore"?
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a question on pubs...

We've seen Roy in a bar having drinks at least once in the anime... in central?... does any one know if the bar has a name? I don't recall seeing the outside of the building with a name above the door, but then at the time I wasn't looking for one.

If not, does it have a name by chance in the manga? I've read to vol9 but can't recall them being in a bar just yet...

I'm a stickler for details, and yes this little, itty, bitty piece of info is for a fanfic. How'd you guess?
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I should first introduce myself, I'm Melissa. I run an FMA discussion/project entitle virtuoussin

That isn't too terribly important, outside giving you a little glimpse of who I am. I'm hopeful that you, the community, could possibly help me. I'm unsure if anyone knows what a MUSH, MUCK, MUD, MU* is, so I shall give a small crash course:

A MU* in general is an online game where as you need a client like telenet [almost all computers have this] or more commonly, a downloaded client like SimpleMU which is free. You're then able to plug in information like a port and address and log on to a themed environment/game. I've MU* space. I'm reamping it currently to be a Full Metal Alchemist MUSH (the different names for these games usually involves differences in code and how they're run.)

Since this is a community of discussion, I figured the snags I have for the game would be best answered here. [also, if anyone is familiar with MU* systems and would like to become Staff on the game, do let me know]

The game's timeline will proceed roughly around Episode 23... However outside watching 1-23, or trying to use dialup to surf the net for snippets of information, I'm a bit torn on some crutial and main events that should be mentioned in the Theme News Files that I'm writing. I'm wondering if the community can possibly give me some points of interest from episodes 1-23... Things that are important, places, or events that shape the journey of Ed and Al.

I'm also considering what area to build on the IC Grid - I'm leaning towards Central. I didn't wish to build up too large of an area as that would isolate players. Does anyone remember where The Devil's Nest was located? - Would Central City be a good focal point? I tried looking online for a map of the territory, but outside finding a world map that shows different land regions [lacking the information where towns/cities are in relation to one another] I'm a bit stuck.

I appreciate any and all help and advise I may get. It's my hope to have the game in Beta-Testing mode up in two weeks, and then officially opened by Halloween. In addition, the game will support a set of OC Homunculi (predetermined - but that goes along with my own community)

Thank you again,
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Hello, everyone. You have no idea how happy I was to find a community like this. I'm having so much fun with this series, but it seemed like wherever I went, the only thing people were discussing was the "relation shipper" issue.

I have a couple of questions for this community, since I'm very new to the fandom, and many of you seem to have been around the block a time or two. I'm actually in the middle of editing a story that I'm writing and wanted to make sure I had my facts straight.

First, was Ishbal a city or a nation? The impression I got from the anime was that it was a city that acted as a flash point for the entire Eastern Rebellion, but later you usually hear the characters referring to "Ishbal," not "The Rebellion." Not to mention that the Ishballans seemed to have a certain racial profile (brown skin and red eyes), that made them easy to distinguish, which would seem to apply to a nation of people.

Also, as a nitpick, is it "Ishballan" or "Ishbalite?" (I'm not even going to get into other possible spellings of "Ishbal." I'm writing it the way the official translators at Bones/Funimation/whoever put it out).

My second question is about the technology. Ametresis (I'm not too sure of my spelling here), as a parallel world would seem to follow our years of post-WWI, but instead of developing machinery, they've developed alchemy. Fair enough.

So, if they've developed alchemy instead of machinery, what type of war equipment do they have? My knowledge of weaponry is very limited, but it would also seem to be on par with late 1930's Europe...but I would have thought that something would have to give? That they're behind "Earth" as far as mechanics are concerned. Do they have shells? Have they started to use trench warfare or are they still lining up and running at each other? We know they haven't seen anything flying in the sky except birds, so the planes of the time that a lot of characters are named for would be out of the question, as would bombs and strafing runs. To put it more concisely, how are they fighting these wars?

And finally, we know that the State Alchemists were sent to the Eastern fronts, "during the last years of the war." The alchemists always seemed to me to be the equivalent of dropping a nuke in terms of widespread destruction, but they were obviously there for awhile before they got the amplifying red stones. How long were they there? We know those red stones pretty much ended the war, but what I want to know is how long they were there before that.

I could probably think of more questions, but I think this is enough for a first post.

Fangirliness ensues.

Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to the fandom and the obsession is still fresh... Anyhow, I scribbled a little essay the other day about FMA and someone suggested I share it here, and I always like a good discussion, so. ^__^

The essay is a bit wordy, but it's also relatively short. I apologize in advance for the rather random way it's written--it was really just stream-of-consciousness, and I just later on figured I might share it.

The first of two parts is a reflection on the various themes that FMA plays up. The second compares and contrasts the main characters in FMA with that of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X to some), Himura Kenshin.

Some spoilerage throughout the anime and what manga there is so far. Spoilers for the RK series (manga/anime) and OVAs.

Hope you enjoy it! Feedback and further discussion very much welcome!

How DO you make a fake LJ-cut anyway?? Oh well.
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Ed's a stripper!

Alright, here's something that always got me---Ed loses his right glove almost every episode and most of his trenchcoat about once every two or three, it seems. So where do they keep coming from?! I understand he could transmute them back together...but after all those times, you'd figure he'd lose too many pieces to do it, and the articles of clothing would get gradually smaller. We joke about how that's all that's in that suitcase they carry--endless white and red material. Thoughts?
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So my friend and I were thinking recently...

Alchemy = Equivalent exchange, of course. Rearranging.

So, like... Theoretically, by rearranging the air particles...

Could you make alchemy-rainbows?

Because... We think about this a LOT, and...

... If this is too spammy I'll delete it. XD;