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[★i slipped on my slippers]

The Philosopher's Stone: A Cureall?

So, a few late-night musings after I started planning out the last of my Havoc/Hawkeye fics for the 3-Part Series I've been writing...

They say that the Philosopher's is the magical cureall... but frankly, I'm not sure. Yeah, it may give back to Havoc the use of his legs, it might bring Al's body back, might give Ed back his arm and leg...

But would it?

It won't bring Al's body back to full nourishment, won't help rebuild the unused muscles in Jean's legs and in Ed's arm and leg. It won't teach them to walk again, especially on the count of Havoc who by the end of this will probably have been living as a paraplegic for a substancial amount of time. We already know it can heal physical ailments, but could it heal physical deterioration? I can't really envision Al's body suddenly appearing, perfectly healthy and well-built and fed. I can't envision Havoc getting out of his wheelchair and jumping around like nothing had ever happened. I can't envision Ed being able to write with his right hand like he used to before he lost it to bring Al's soul back. I see awkwardness, physiotherapy to rebuild the muscles, I see learning to walk again, I see poor health (in Al's case), I see them having to relearn the limits and feelings and inner workings of their own limbs or their entire body.

What do you guys think? =/
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