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So Did Lt. Hawkeye Fall Into A Plot Hole?

After watching the series, I have two questions that I’d love to discuss, both relating to Riza.

Firstly, Riza’s eyes always looked brown to me, until episode 39, when they looked more maroon- not quite as red as the Ishbalites, but still, not brown. I’ve come across some fanfic describing her eyes as red, so I was wondering if in the manga or elsewhere there are any hints that her background might be.... less than ethnically monochromatic, shall we say.

Because if so, I imagine she must have had a hard war in Ishbal for reasons above and beyond the norm. Can you imagine the hazing she must have gone through if she looked even vaguely Ishbalite in that situation?

Secondly, after having time to process episode 51, and get my OMFGs out of my system, I’m come across a rather large time problem relating to the fight scene between Roy and the Führer.

As I understand it, here’s the timeline of the fight at the Führer’s house:

Archer hits the car on the road.

The Führer and Mustang are fighting.

On the road, the cars are all stopped, and Archer shoots at Riza. She gets a gun and shots back and he manages to wound her.

The Führer’s son leaves his car, and (presumably) runs back to the mansion, where he gets the Führer’s skull and brings down to where Roy and the Führer are fighting. Roy defeats the Führer and carries the kid out to the front steps.

Archer has stolen a car and is waiting for him. He shoots Roy, and then Riza who (again, presumably) ran all the way from where the cars crashed, shoots him in the back.

My question is, how on earth did the Führer’s son get to the mansion so fast? Even granted that he had a head start, it can’t have taken Archer that long to get the car. And I would think that even with a bullet wound, Riza could outrun a schoolboy, especially if her colonel was in danger.

I’ve come up with some possibilities:

The Fuhrer’s son knew a shortcut, and therefor got to the house way ahead of both Archer and Hawkeye.

Archer didn’t kill the guards, and Riza had to fight them before she could run for the mansion, slowing her down.

Or, most likely, someone goofed on the timeline, and Riza fell down a plot hole. Your thoughts?
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