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I should first introduce myself, I'm Melissa. I run an FMA discussion/project entitle virtuoussin

That isn't too terribly important, outside giving you a little glimpse of who I am. I'm hopeful that you, the community, could possibly help me. I'm unsure if anyone knows what a MUSH, MUCK, MUD, MU* is, so I shall give a small crash course:

A MU* in general is an online game where as you need a client like telenet [almost all computers have this] or more commonly, a downloaded client like SimpleMU which is free. You're then able to plug in information like a port and address and log on to a themed environment/game. I've MU* space. I'm reamping it currently to be a Full Metal Alchemist MUSH (the different names for these games usually involves differences in code and how they're run.)

Since this is a community of discussion, I figured the snags I have for the game would be best answered here. [also, if anyone is familiar with MU* systems and would like to become Staff on the game, do let me know]

The game's timeline will proceed roughly around Episode 23... However outside watching 1-23, or trying to use dialup to surf the net for snippets of information, I'm a bit torn on some crutial and main events that should be mentioned in the Theme News Files that I'm writing. I'm wondering if the community can possibly give me some points of interest from episodes 1-23... Things that are important, places, or events that shape the journey of Ed and Al.

I'm also considering what area to build on the IC Grid - I'm leaning towards Central. I didn't wish to build up too large of an area as that would isolate players. Does anyone remember where The Devil's Nest was located? - Would Central City be a good focal point? I tried looking online for a map of the territory, but outside finding a world map that shows different land regions [lacking the information where towns/cities are in relation to one another] I'm a bit stuck.

I appreciate any and all help and advise I may get. It's my hope to have the game in Beta-Testing mode up in two weeks, and then officially opened by Halloween. In addition, the game will support a set of OC Homunculi (predetermined - but that goes along with my own community)

Thank you again,
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