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Since Japanese has so many ways of saying "I" depending on your personality and to some degree your gender, I'm curious to know how various characters refer to themselves, both in the anime and in the manga, but particularly in the manga, since I can't verify that stuff for myself, being completely illiterate where kanji/kana/hirogana are concerned.

I know that Edward refers to himself by the assertive "ore" and that Alphonse uses "boku"
I'm pretty sure I heard Winry use the feminine "atashi" and I heard Mustang say "ore"

I can only assume that Envy uses the gender-neutral "watashi" if he's supposed to be as ambiguous as he is, but I haven't paid too close of attention to his speech patterns, partly because he changes so much. Greed, I'm pretty sure, uses "ore."

What about the others? How do the various characters refer to themselves? Do most use the generic "watashi" or do a lot of the guys use "ore"?
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