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Intelligent Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion

Sensible discussion on Fullmetal Alchemist
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Welcome to fma_discussion! This community is for those who want to have sensible, controlled, wank-free discussions on Fullmetal Alchemist's characters, relationships and varied plotlines.

1. NO WANK EVER OF ANY SORT. I mean that. This is a place for sensible, open discussion on anything to do with Fullmetal Alchemist, and everyone's entitled to an opinion. There is a difference between wank and civil debate. If you can bring up valid points and present them in a polite manner, you may do so. Just be sure to back your opinions up with solid evidence, or why you feel this way without being rude.

2. Please cut any major spoilers (especially the movie and recent manga chapters!), large images or long rants.

3. This is a community that is for intelligent discussion only. As such, we ask that you maintain the use of proper grammar and spelling.

4. Izumi and Sieg are canon. Hoenheim and Trisha are canon. Maes and Gracia are canon. No other pairing is canon. However, please remember that this does not stop you posting your opinion on couples that split these three pairings up; just do not discredit them as being fanon because you like another pairing more.

5. Likewise, do not wank about couples that are not yet official as being canon. While some pairings may be hinted, if they are not in an official romantic relationship we do not consider them canon. For example: Ed and Winry have "moments". They are not dating or married with three kids or anything, therefore are not canon.

6. respect is a must in this community. You may not agree with people's opinions, you do not have to. You DO have to at least respect them. Sometimes you will have to just agree to disagree. Otherwise take your duscussion elsewhere. It defeats the purpose of the community, which is intelligent and civil discussion.

7. Questions are welcome. Feel free to open up discussion on anything. If you're looking for information for a fic, This would be a good place to see how the fandom feels about something (pairings/events/relationships ect) However this is not a dumping grounds for your stories. This is a community for discussion only. There are plenty of communites for you to post your fics in. This is not one of them. We welcome the posting of essays on characters/relationships but be prepared for us to state our own opinion.

8. This community is everything-friendly. There will be no bashing of anyone's personal preferences. This community is not necessarily about romantic relationships. Friendship/Workplace/Family discussions are welcome too.

9. The moderators want this to be a civil place and a safe haven for those who would like intelligent discussions of FMA. Therefore, posts that seem like they are made only to start wank will be deleted. Members that break rules will be suspended and/or banned depending on the severity of the offense. We will not hesitate to delete comments/posts.

10. Mod rhymes with God. We have last say in everything. If you feel you have been offended or defaced in any way, please make us alert ASAP with a link to the post/comment thread. Do not respond to said comments/thread. Instead, contact us and we'll take care of it. That way you are protected and are not accused of participating in wank.

11. If you think you've contributed to this community in an intelligent way and have never caused any wank, you may apply for modship to either of us. The current mods will look at your record and will approve/decline your request based on our analysis. If we think you're a shining example of what a member should be and will keep this community's intelligence intact, we may ask you to mod for us; No begging or spamming for the sake of being promoted will be tolerated, however.

12. No fangirl Japanese. It'd Ed, not Edo. It's Al, not Aru. It's Colonel, not Taisa. Please respect this, even if you consider yourself a competent Japanese-speaker.

We as moderators reserve the right to run this community as we see fit and rules are subject to change.

Co-founded by ceasefire and wofl_iron.


You can contact either of the mods on their personal journals.
Email wofl_iron @ xwolfstarx@yahoo.com or IM her on AIM: wolfxstar
Email ceasefire @ teruchan@gmail.com or IM her on AIM: Galux Kitty